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Stonecrete - Quality Stone and Concrete Products - Stone Benches and Tables

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Garden Furniture

Our selection of Concrete Benches and Tables will look great wherever you decide to put them. They are perfect for every kind of garden or patio and may be just what you need to add that finishing touch!


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Stonecrete Garden Furniture is made from a unique mix of white concrete resulting in a natural cream stone frost/weatherproof finish.

If the cream stone look isn't quite your style, you can choose from a range of textured colour finishes which are also fully frost/weatherproof.

All benches are reinforced with steel bars. We put maximum effort into ensuring that our garden furniture is made to the highest standard.


Our Benches and Tables are delivered in multiple parts.

They are designed to be a permanent feature and therefore parts should be fixed together using either a strong mortar mix for the natural stone finish (3 part sand to 1 part cement - White cement for colour consistency - This can be purchased at your nearest builders merchant.) or a high strength adhesive (found at any DIY store) for the coloured finish.

Stonecrete Straight Classic Bench in Cream Stone

Stonecrete Curved Classic Bench in Cream Stone

Stonecrete Modular Bench in Cream Stone

Stonecrete Straight Elephant Bench in Bronze


Please construct your bench or table as suggested above. Ensure that individual parts are fixed together and also that any feet are fixed to the floor. The product may be slightly unstable if you fail to do this.

Stonecrete Country Table and Bench Set in Cream Stone
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